Factory - Warehouse Chodthanawat 3 Rama II Road
Project infomation
Warehouse Space : 440 , 520 Sq.m.
Office Space : 90 Sq.m.
Structure : Steel Reinforced Concrete size of 20x26 meter in width and length without center  pole.
Roof : Wrought alloys, steel structure, roofing plated with Alu Zinc sheets and transparent tiles.
Gypsum Board Ceiling : Open Space High Ceiling 12 meters.
Wall : Brick, block, concrete wall with a cement coating and painted about 8-12 meter height.
Loading Capacity : Cement floor with iron reinforcement load 2 tons per Sq.m.
Window-Door : Clear Glass Window-Door in Aluminum Swing Flame.
Warehouse Gate : Steel Roll Gate: average 4.5 m x 5 m In width and height.
Power Supply System : Installed with 30 Amp 3 Phase 4 Line Power Meter directly supplied by MEA with expandable option.
Parking Lot : Front yard is available for self loading.
Local Road :

10-16 meter wide concrete road, enabling to accommodate large trucks tailing with   40' container.

Facilities and services
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    Local Road in the Project
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    CCTV Surveillance System
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    Total Security System
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    Power Supply System
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    Water Supply System
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    Sewage and Drainage System
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    Disposal System
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    Property Maintenance Service
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    Fire Extinguishing System
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    Landscape and Environment
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    Pest Control- insect, termites, rat and other disease carriers
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